Famed jewelry designer Henry Dunay (no longer associated with Henry Dunay brand) wins back right to use own name in social media

Posted by Charles Colman

Sorry for the recent radio silence; it's been a busy month.  But LAW OF FASHION must briefly come up for air to report that new Charles Colman Law, PLLC, client, noted luxury jewelry designer Henry Dunay (now of HDD, Inc.), has received partial relief from a federal court order in Sandawana Holdings Ltd. v. Dunay.  Specifically, the presiding judge has revised an erroneous ruling pre-dating this writer's involvement in the case, and will now permit Mr. Dunay to use his own name in social media and e-mail.  For more information, see JCK Magazine's coverage here. (N.B. I don't necessarily agree with the characterization/wording of everything in the linked article, but it's a pretty good overview.)  If all of this sounds slightly familiar, it might be because of LAW OF FASHION's earlier post on the subject of designers losing the rights to use their names as trademarks.  Designers... read up!


To get up to speed on key events leading up to and transpiring during the Sandawana v. Dunay case prior to Charles Colman Law, PLLC's December 5th Notice of Appearance, check out the following articles:








And finally, Happy Holidays from LAW OF FASHION and Charles Colman Law, PLLC.


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