General update, plus my working syllabus for newly created course on fashion history and theory

Posted by Charles Colman

As this writer, one Charles E. Colman, finishes up his Fall 2013 undergraduate course, "Fashion and Power" (having already wrapped up teaching responsibilities for the law school semester), he is well into the process of developing a syllabus for a new graduate-level course on fashion history and theory, to be offered in Spring 2014 through NYU's M.A. Program in "Visual Culture: Costume Studies."

Note that I [let's just go with first-person] am also scheduled to give a short presentation on trademark-law reform at NYU Law's Fourth Annual Tri-State Region IP Workshop, in New York City on January 10th.  (I'll be sure to post that presentation to SSRN or Scribd, where you can already read some of my previous pieces.)  That same paper will serve as the basis for my talk at the Virginia Journal of Law and Technology's Spring 2014 Symposium on fashion law, scheduled for February 7th in Charlottesville.  (FYI, I'll also be at Michigan State in late March for ICLE's "Intellectual Property Law Spring Seminar 2014," delivering a lecture, entitled "Harmless Fun or Trademark Dilution? 'Parodies' of Luxury Fashion," on the legal and cultural ramifications of apparel like this.)

Finally, while there might be relatively little activity on this blog at the moment -- balancing a legal practice and academic responsibilities can be tricky at times -- aficionados of fashion and the law will continue to find plentiful information at the primary website of The Center for the Study of Fashion, Law, and Society® (whose official launch is forthcoming.)