This week in fashion law: my (rebuffed) offer to Nina Garcia; Jwoww sued in Oklahoma (?!?); models launch legal reign of terror

Posted by Charles Colman

Since I devoted last week’s entire "CATWALK JUSTICE" column on to the fashion law case of the year, there’s quite a bit of news to catch up on this week.  Much of it, however, seems strangely familiar.  At the end of the day, the motley crew of people and lawsuits covered in this week's CATWALK JUSTICE seem to leave us with three lessons: 1) fashion law history is doomed to repeat itself; 2) when you can’t sue to get what you want, at least try going the contract route (even if it’s likely to fail, you may get publicity for a ridiculous offer); 3) and models (or in some cases, their parents) are a lot tougher than they look...

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