Fashion law roundup (or catch-up), Part 2 of 2: Get up to speed on fashion law and business headlines from July 15th to right...

Posted by Charles Colman

now.  Yes, LAW OF FASHION always usually follows through on its promises, and after its last catch-up session, bringing you news through July 15, 2012, LOF now brings you everything most of what you need to know to successfully participate in witty banter at the many non-existent fashion law cocktail parties taking place in early August.  Oh, and speaking of August, I'll be in and out of town during these... well, let's call them "Vick days," since I like dogs.  (Can you really trust people who don't?)  So things might be pretty quiet around here for a while.

As in LOF's previous roundup, this proud "owner" (LinkedIn's term) of the largest fashion law group on the largest professional networking site (cleverly called "LAW OF FASHION") will pick and choose recent posts he deems the most important, the most absurd, or otherwise worthy of mention, and list them -- but in a more helpful, thematic way, instead of in reverse chronological order.  All of these headlines are linked to the relevant LAW OF FASHION group posts, which in turn link to the original stories.  Remember that there's even more to learn through LOF's sometimes-informative, sometimes-gossipy-and-slightly-trashy Twitter feed, as well as the more frequently informative, less frequently gossipy-and-trashy Twitter feed associated with this writer's law firm.  (By the way, I have no idea what the deal is with the color and underlining in this post -- just go with it.)

I'm Partial to This One

"Infographic of the Day: The Fabulosity of Fashion Law [with nice mini-profiles of Mohammed Shariff, Dave Faux, and me]" (Above The Law)

And This One, Too

"NYCLA Presents: 2nd Annual Review of Fashion Law [a/k/a a September 5th CLE with the 'Fashion Law Joes' -- Gioconda and Murphy -- Guillermo Jimenez, and me]" (NYCLA)



Intellectual Property, Of Course


"Louis Vuitton Appeals Court's Dismissal of Suit Against Warner Bros." (Women's Wear Daily; sub. required)


"Coach Reels in $44M Judgment Against U.S.-based Counterfeiters" (WWD; sub. required)


"Guccio & Alessandro Gucci Lose Trademark Lawsuit Against Gucci" (HuffPost Style)


"Asics, Skechers Patch Up Fight Over Stripe Design Mark" (IP 360; sub. required)


"Egypt's Olympic Uniforms Are Nike Knockoffs" (HuffPost Style)


"London 2012 Olympics: Egypt's Olympic chairman rages over Nike counterfeit clothing row" (The Telegraph)


"Bronx clothing designer says Jay-Z owes him $7 million in unpaid royalties for creating Roc-A-Fella's label logo" (NY Daily News)


"Louis Vuitton Legal Will Love This [Unauthorized LV Handgun Grip]" (The Fashion Law)


"[Absurd] Virgin Lawsuit Against Clothing Line ['I Am Not A Virgin'] May Be In The Works" (HuffPost Style)


Croakies Inc sues Southern Marsh Collection LLC for trademark infringement in Wyoming federal court (LAW OF FASHION)


"Adventures in Copyright, Vintage Edition: Marc Jacobs Digs Anna Sui’s Flower Power" (Fashionista)


"Macy's wins preliminary injunction against Martha Stewart" (Reuters)


"Good News For Brand Owners Seeking Injunctions" (Osterberg's Blog)


"Martha Stewart Forging Ahead With J.C. Penney" (WWD; sub. required)


"All-Star event finds KC area awash in fake souvenirs - Over two-week period, officers seized more than $540,000 worth of knockoff [jerseys, caps, t-shirts, and other merchandise]" (Kansas City Star)


"Counterfeit luggage bagged in Phuket" (Phuket Gazette)


"Seventh Circuit Strengthens Protection for IP Licenses in Bankruptcy" (Ropes & Gray / JD Supra)


"One More 'Advertising Injury' Case – The Trademark In Question Was Not A Title Or Slogan [ = No Coverage]" (The Trademark Blog)


"Hanover Sues To Avoid Covering Urban Outfitters IP Defense [in 'Navajo'] Case" (Law360; sub. required)


"Leslie Oschmann Recycles Vintage Oil Paintings Into One-of-a-Kind Bags" (Ecouterre)


Louis Vuitton will not be happy about this particular work of art -- a Toile Monogram waffle maker -- even though it's not in production (HuffPost Style)


Labor and Employment


"Wet Seal Workers Sue Retailer For Racial Discrimination" (HuffPost / AP)


"[Long-Controversial White] Essence Fashion Editor Departs" (NY Times / On the Runway) 


"Safilo Sets Labor Agreement" (WWD; sub. required)


"Want to Get Hired? Just Take Off Your Shirt!" (Above The Law)


"Every employer 'discriminates'. If they didn’t, I’d be working as a Chippendales dancer." (What About Paris)


"If You’re Good at Your Job, Your Hairstyle Shouldn’t Matter" (Above The Law)


"The Man Repeller is the Latest Fashion Blogger to Sign With Hollywood Talent Agency CAA" (Fashionista)


"Revealed: The Top 10 Highest Paid CEOs in Fashion" (Fashionista)

Licenses, Partnerships, Mergers, Acquisitions, Sell-Offs... You Get It


"Wet Seal shareholder calling for sale of the company" (RetailPro)


"Billabong to open books to [U.S. private equity group] TPG amid takeover [talks]" (Herald Sun, Australia)


"Daffy's Says Good-Bye" (WWD; sub. required)


"Shoe Mania Abruptly Disappears, Sparking Lawsuit" (Racked)


"Burberry Set to End Its License with Inter Parfums" (WWD; sub. required)


"PVH Corp. Announces Licensing Agreement with the Seidensticker Group for ARROW Brand" (PVF Corp. Press Release)


"Armani Group Renews Partnership with [Seoul-based] Shinsagae International" (MPDClick)


"[Dutch Musician and DJ] Tiesto Partnering With Guess for Capsule Collection" (Billboard)


"[Popular footwear licensee] Schwartz & Benjamin Teams With Derek Lam" (fibre2fashion)


"Jonathan Adler in Deal With LF USA" (WWD; sub. required)


"Loblaw’s Joe Fresh hooks up with J.C. Penney" (The Globe and Mail)


"Why JCPenney Will Come Back [Thanks Largely to Its Licensing Strategies]" (The Motley Fool)


Skechers USA on wild (and wildly profitable) licensing spree (Zacks)


"Cherokee partners with Max to expand global footprint" (fibre2fashion) 


"Galeries Lafayette achète le bijoutier Didier Guérin ['Galeries Lafayette to purchase jeweler Dider Guerin']" (Le Figaro)


"Galeries Lafayette on acquisition trail [according to] CEO" (Reuters)


"Deckers Invests in Hoka One One" (WWD; sub. required)


"Dr Martens enjoy comeback with best-selling season ever" / "Dr. Martens Calls Off Sale" (Guardian / Footwear News; sub. required)


International Expansion and Trade (and Barriers Thereto)


"Corruption: China’s New Great Wall" (WWD; sub. required)


"WTO: China discriminates against foreign card companies" (BBC News)


"High Street fashion brands look to China for profits" (BBC News)


"China fashion hits London" (FT / beyondbrics)


"Louis Vuitton lures China's super-rich with custom leather 'art'" (Reuters)


"Hugo Boss says China shoppers holding back" (Reuters)


"Global luxury brands like Chanel, Christian Dior, Burberry put up sale signs [in India] to woo first-time buyers" (The Economic Times)


"Mumbai Journal: The City Looming Over Indian Fashion" (WSJ / IndiaRealTime)


"Beirut: All Gucci and no gigabytes" (Reuters)


"Global Sourcing Takes New Directions" (WWD; sub. required)

Regulations, Compliance, Tax, and Crime (Why Not?)


"Men, Makeup and Drugs [or, 'A helpful introduction to regulatory issues associated with cosmetics']" (Sheppard Mullin)


"International Cooperation on Cosmetics Regulation (ICCR), Outcomes of the Meeting Held July 10-13, 2012" (FDA Press Release)


"[The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission] says Burlington Coat Factory to pay $1.5M fine in children’s clothing drawstring [investigation]" (Washington Post)


"Downtown LA stores accused of selling lead-tainted jewelry" (


"FTC Becomes First Enforcement Authority in APEC Cross-Border Privacy Rules System" (FTC Press Release)


"Update: U.S. House Judiciary Committee Sets Hearing on Online Sales Tax" (NASDAQ)


"Lawmakers Move Closer to Agreement on Online Sales Tax Collection" (WWD; sub. required)


"Jewelry Crime Rose in First Six Months of Year" (JCK Magazine)


"Airport [Protest] Stripper Not Guilty of Indecent Exposure" ( / JD Supra)

Advertising, Marketing, and the Like


"Nelson Mandela Has Nothing to Do With That Fashion Line Named After His Prisoner Number" (NY Mag / The Cut)


"The Unblemished Truth About Skin Whiteners and Dark Spot Correctors" (Fashionista)


"Small business branding lessons from Zappos" (Washington Post / On Small Business Blog)


"Facebook Commenters Horrified by the New ‘Saint Laurent Paris’ Logo" (NY Mag / The Cut)


"Nose Straightening Products Have Us Scratching Our Heads [Do These Actually Work As Advertised?]" (HuffPost Style)


"Why the Over-65 Crowd is Conquering Fashion" (Fashionista)

Handstanding and Grandstanding (The Olympics)

"Furor Over Chinese-Made Ralph Lauren-Designed US Olympic Uniforms Reaches Boiling Point as Senator Harry Reid Calls for Uniforms to be Burned" (Fashionista)


"Olympic uniform uproar goes from dumb to dumber" / "House Enters Olympic Apparel Fray" (USA Today / WWD; sub. required)


"Dov Charney Admits American Apparel Was Never in Talks to Do Russia’s Olympic Uniforms. Oops" (Fashionista)


"Olympic Logo Police Accused of 'Lunacy'" (Reuters)


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