Intellectual Property Magazine's July 2012 article on the Gucci America v. Guess? bench trial (and aftermath), by Charles Colman

Posted by Charles Colman

As promised in an earlier post, LAW OF FASHION now brings you a more comprehensive analysis (at least, as comprehensive as permitted by the applicable word limit) of Judge Shira Scheindlin's ruling in the fashion law showdown of Gucci America v. Guess?, in the form of a magazine article written by yours truly...


As Intellectual Property Magazine is a British publication, some of the article's formatting -- and more importantly, its title -- might strike U.S. readers as odd.  (The inclusion of an errant "e" in my last name is not one such formatting issue; it's just... there.)  FYI, I've been informed that "handbags at dawn" is UK slang for "a catty squabble," which makes the title pretty damn witty; props to IPM.

Oh, and if the text in the embedded document is too small for you to read, click here for a version that's easier to manipulate.




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