SDNY's Judge Scheindlin rules for Gucci in Guess lawsuit... on certain issues; small damages award, partial injunction follow

Posted by Charles Colman

As reported by, inter alia, Reuters' Jonathan Stempel, Gucci has (sort of) prevailed in its three-year lawsuit against Guess over allegedly infringing efforts to "Gucci-fy" the latter's products.


LAW OF FASHION has posted Judge Shira Scheindlin's hundred-plus-page decision in the case here.  A full analysis is forthcoming... promise. [UPDATE: This post has been revised in light of the Court's modified opinion, issued on June 18, 2012, which reduced the damages assessed but did not otherwise modify the previous decision.]  Spoiler: the Court awards just a tiny fraction of the $120 mil requested by Gucci (along with a partial injunction, which -- to be fair -- is often the primary objective in trademark litigation) and concludes by stating that "with Gucci's entitlement to the relief noted above, it is [her] hope that this ugliness will be limited to the runway and shopping floor, rather than spilling over into the courts."


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