Let's sit down for a second and see where we're at...

Posted by Charles Colman

Although the LAW OF FASHION LinkedIn group is active as ever, you've probably noticed that this blog has been pretty quiet lately.  That's because this writer, one Charles Colman, has been hunkered down for the past few weeks, putting the finishing touches on his single-volume treatise, Fashion and Copyright, for LexisNexis-Matthew Bender.  (You might recall my saying something about a book for Oxford University Press.  Yes, this started off as that project... then this happened.)


Clients and potential clients -- and opposing counsel, for that matter: don't worry, I'm still around.  But I'm fortunate to have the assistance of a great team, including the Firm's Interim Executive Director Brian Lehman (reachable at bl (at) charlescolmanlaw (dot) com) to help keep things humming along as I finish the volume, and shortly thereafter, join the faculty of NYU Law School.


Oh, if you haven't read my recent article for Law360, "Post-Kirtsaeng, 'Material Differences' Between Copyright and Trademark Law's Treatment of Gray Goods Persist," come on... read it already!  [UPDATE (5/7/13): I've just learned that my Kirtsaeng piece made Law360's "most read" list for April 2013 Expert Analyses.  Thanks to those who helped get it there!]


Finally, keep an eye out for my upcoming article in Vestoj: The Journal of Sartorial Matters.  This piece, "Fashion, Sexism, and the United States Federal Judiciary," is my first foray into quasi-sociological scholarship, which coincides with my founding of the interdisciplinary Center for the Study of Fashion, Law, and Society.  But more on that in the near future. Now, back to writing...

[UPDATE (6/29/13): "Fashion Sexism, and the United States Federal Judiciary" is now available for download at SSRN.]


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