Charles Colman's webcast CLE, "Copyright Protection in Fashion," [now available for viewing in archive]

Posted by Charles Colman

This writer, one Charles E. Colman, is excited to be giving a 1.5 hour-ish CLE on copyright protection for fashion design under U.S. law TOMORROW, 3/28/13, at 10 A.M. (NYC).  The course agenda and registration information are posted on Lawline's website.


[UPDATE (4/3/13): The video of the CLE has been edited and reposted on the Lawline website.  Disclaimer: The occasional stock photos of courtrooms, fashion design studios, etc., were added without my knowledge; please disregard...]




Legislative resources can be found here ("laws passed in the United States [from 1783 to 1976] relating to copyright") and here ("full text of all versions of the Copyright Act of the United States from the 1909 Act to the present").

Selected judicial opinions -- or, where the full text of a court decision is not readily available, information about that case -- are available through the links below.

1) Rosenbach v. Dreyfuss, 2 F. 217 (S.D.N.Y. 1880)


2) Bleistein v. Donaldson Lithographing Co., 188 U.S. 239 (1903)


3) Drury v. Ewing, 7 F. Cas. 1113 (C.C.S.D. Oh. 1862) [go straight to page 10 of document]


4) Baker v. Selden, 101 U.S. 99, 104 (1879)


5) National Cloak & Suit Co. v. Kaufman, 189 F. 215, 216 (C.C.M.D. Pa. 1911) [case cited in article]


6) Kemp & Beatley, Inc. v. Hirsch, 34 F.2d 291 (S.D.N.Y. 1929)


7) Cheney Bros. v. Doris Silk Corp., 35 F.2d 279, 280 (2d Cir. 1929)


8) Fashion Originators’ Guild of America v. FTC, 312 U.S. 457 (1941)


9) Millinery Creators' Guild v. FTC, 312 U.S. 469, 472 (1941)


10) Verney Corp. v. Rose Fabric Converters Corp., 87 F. Supp. 802, 803 (S.D.N.Y. 1949)

[For a list of other cases cited during the CLE, please e-mail ccolman (at) lawoffashion (dot) com.]