Upcoming (free!) program with law profs Charles Colman and Ruthann Robson: "Fashion and the Law"

Posted by Charles Colman



[UPDATE: Short debrief after the jump....]


The program was, by most-to-all accounts, a success. (See photo below, courtesy of Fashion Compliance.) This writer encourages you -- especially those of you who couldn't get to CUNY to hear Professor Robson speak about the legal regulation of dress -- to read Robson's latest book, Dressing Constitutionally: Hierarchy, Sexuality, and Democracy from Our Hairstyles to Our Shoes, and her even more recent article, "Beyond Sumptuary: Constitutionalism, Clothes, and Bodies in Anglo-American Law, 1215-1789" (which has already found its way onto the syllabus for my fashion history/theory course at NYU's Department of Costume Studies.) Also, keep an eye out for Professor (and gracious host of this event) Eugenia Paulicelli's forthcoming book, Writing Fashion in Early Modern Italy: From Sprezzatura to Satire, which promises to be delightful and informative.